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The Study Hub Tuition was established so that students who struggle in school can come and find a place to find their voice, boost their confidence and excel academically.

Our tutoring approach is more than just an one on one educational support service, we pride ourselves in being tutors that go that extra mile to support our students. That’s because we believe that each student can excel further by nourishing their mental wellbeing and ignite their passion for learning through fun and engaging tutoring sessions. Our approach focuses on boosting students’ confidence to feel a sense of pride in their achievement and ensure a sense of community and belonging. We celebrate all kinds of wins. What matters to us that our students are excited about our tutoring sessions and want to come back to learn.

We do this by putting our students and their parents front and centre in the support we provide. We focus on making our tutoring sessions engaging and fun through learning and always ensure our students are supported in all ways possible, by looking for new and exciting learning and teaching strategies. We take pride in the work that we present and provide and how our students and their parents receive support.

Our Values:

Empowering our students is the core of what we do and how we do it, we focus on bringing out the best in our students by showing them that they are capable.. Confidence is key!

Working together is essential in order to get the best outcome for our students. We focus on establishing an open and supportive relationship with our students and their parents. We are here to take the added pressure off parents.

We support our students’ learning needs. We accommodate and implement strategies that help our students learn best.

We celebrate each and every win because no win is too small to celebrate, whether it is our students or tutors, we encourage and lift each other up when we succeed.

The Study Hub Tuition

Suite 20 70 Topham Road

Smeaton Grange