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Our Approach
Beginning in 2002 as a small group of dedicated tutors, EducationWise is now a professional tutoring agency that has served hundreds of students across Calgary. We pride ourselves in being locally owned and staffed and providing exceptional tutoring to meet our students’ diverse needs.

How do we ensure that you receive the tutoring support you need?

  • We carefully handpick experienced, skilled tutors to join our team.
  • We are one of few Calgary-based tutoring agencies that trains its tutors.
  • We take time to ensure that each student-tutor match is a good fit in terms of both academic needs and personality.
  • We have tutors create a personalized tutoring plan to meet each student’s educational needs and goals.
  • We work closely with our tutors and clients to ensure continued satisfaction.

EducationWise Inc.

147 Arbour Butte Road NW


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