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Westcountry Tuition and Westcountry SEN are two vastly different tutoring companies that are both owned by Westcountry Practice Ltd. Each tutoring company works with quite different students and employs tutors very differently. Read on to find out which tutoring company you would most excel in.

Westcountry Tuition is a tutoring agency. We mainly work with students who are needing help to get the grades they need in various exams. We also work with home-schooled children, undergraduates and adults who are returning to education. Our head office is in Shaftesbury Dorset. However, we have various tutoring catchment areas around the UK and work globally online. We ensure all our tutors are qualified, meet all or safeguarding procedures and are highly skilled to tutor our students. We work tirelessly to match students and tutees in such ways that they bring the best out in each other.

Whilst all tutors at Westcountry Tuition are offered self-employed contracts, we make your role as easy as possible. We do all the marketing to find the right students for you, our systems continually work for you behind the scenes to log your hours and expenses, so there is no need to send in time sheets or travel claims. We do all the invoicing for you and all your admin. Everything you need will be easily found within your own secure online tutor profile with us.
For more information sign up using the form. Do make sure you select Westcountry Tuition from the drop-down box. Please fill in as much information as possible in order to make your application successful.

Westcountry SEN is a tutoring organisation that predominantly works with children who are struggling at school or who have been deregistered for various reasons. Whilst many of our students are supported to remain in mainstream education, some of our students are needing to be home-schooled and fully supported with their education.

A huge focus within Westcountry SEN is tutor training and tutor development to meet the complex academic needs some of our students will have. Students often have dyslexia, low confidence, dyscalculia, school phobia, maths phobia or mental health issues that impact on their education.

All tutors are contracted and employed with good working conditions such as holiday pay, pension schemes and are required to work as part of a team as well as independently with students. All of Westcountry SEN’s tutors have that extra something that enable them to engage with students who may have given up on themselves or who are difficult to initially engage.

If you can forge empowering relationships with young children and adolescents, you have at least two years’ experience with working one-to-one and you can see the potential in all children, then Westcountry SEN will welcome you into their team.

To apply, use the sign-up form and make sure you use the dropdown box to click on Westcountry SEN.