1. Fees, including examination fees, are payable in advance. Payment for lessons is half-termly and should be made in full no later than 2 weeks before the beginning of each half-term upon the receipt of an invoice. If payment is not received by the due date, Bromley Conservatoire reserves the right to discontinue teaching and allocate the lesson to another student.
  2. A half term’s notice of leaving, given before the start of term or at half-term, is required. Notice should be emailed to admin@bromley-conservatoire.co.uk. Notice of leaving to the tutor alone will not suffice.
  3. Students will be automatically re-enrolled each half-term unless they have given the required half-term notice of leaving.
  4. Each half-term normally consists of 5-7 weeks. There are 6 half-terms a year.
  5. Lessons missed by the student cannot be made up for any reason. If the teacher misses a lesson without providing a deputy, arrangements for make-up sessions or a credit will be made. Students may miss one lesson PER TERM (not half term) for which there will be no charge providing that this must be agreed with Bromley Conservatoire before the due date of the invoice for the half-term in which the lesson will be missed. In such cases, a revised invoice omitting the missed lesson will be issued.
  6. Credits for classes cancelled by the tutor or by Bromley Conservatoire will be offset against the next half-term’s fees.
  7. If you do not wish photographs/video of your child to be used for marketing purposes please inform us.