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Working for Tutor Supply Ltd

To become a tutor with us, simply sign up with Tutor Supply and fill in your profile with as much information as possible so we can review your application right away. Please ensure you have your DBS information and QTS or equivalent teaching qualification in hand.
Once you have completed your profile, please upload relevant documentation such as your DBS certificate along with your teaching qualifications, UTR number, driving license/passport copy and your most recent CV with details of two referees under the Documents tab.
Profiles without relevant information or documentation will be immediately rejected.

Use Tutor Supply software to manage your scheduling and expenses

You'll never have to fill in a time sheet again. Simply log in to Tutor Supply software from your phone, computer or tablet to mark your lessons complete and write a report; upload resources shared between you and your students or add any notes on your personalised page. Payment is released once your lessons have been completed and a report created.

View the available jobs board and apply

With Tutor Supply, you'll be able to apply for work you want and build your career. We'll send out job notifications whenever new jobs become available.

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