Sign up as a Tutor with Rath Education Group

Rath Education Group is highly selective, and every educator must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree from top 100 university (graduate or professional degrees are preferred but not required).
  • 5 years of tutoring experience.
  • 5,000 hours of one on one tutoring experience.
  • Three professional references.
  • Three client references from families.
  • Score increase history for your students.
  • Pass full background check.
  • Score in top 1% of any test or subject taught.
  • Ability to teach AP and IB courses, specifically calculus, statistics, physics, chemistry, and biology.


  • Private tutoring, but more specifically, raising scores. We are not holistic educators - we are hired to help students achieve specific metrics, and measurable, objective score improvements are the focus.
  • Lesson planning and tracking for students.
  • Professional approach to completion of admin tasks, such as communicating with partners or completing session notes.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Pay range $40-$60/hour for instruction
  • Work from home - the majority of our clients are live-online.
  • Flexible hours - make your own schedule - though 15 hours of instruction per week is the minimum expectation on average.
  • Opportunity for growth - roles beyond solely instruction are available, and all of our senior educator and partner level positions start out as entry level educators.
  • Instructional support - curriculum and lesson plan support provided by partners to help expand your skill set as an educator.